Comedy: Mason Captivates The Crowd With His Family Get-Together Long Form Style. Debutts, Gail, Cash, Senno, Lat Peaked Audience Interest.

With the absence of his partner in crime, Sean Van Kleef, Josh Wells (co-producer of Ghost Bear Productions and chief talent booker) took it in smooth stride in steering the night of comedy eventful, for the attending entertainment seekers. It was a beautiful Wednesday evening, with mild temperatures, almost zero humidity. The laugh started around 830pm and the night’s showcase was full of talented comics.

The line up was built around Monty Mason, with fellow comic peers Pam Debutts, Amanda Gail, Jeremy Cash, Justin Senno, and J. Lat. As usual, the backgrounds of each and every talent was diverse, and interesting.

The night started off slowly as LITM patrons at the bar, were getting used to the amplified voice of the night’s MC, Josh Wells. His humor started off in readying the first comic, with typical self deprecation and ‘ironic’ statements of grandeur.

Jeremy Cash, Pam Debutts © comeherefloyd 2018

From the get-go, tonight was to be a tough crowd. And first to notice was Jeremy Cash. It’s always hard to be the first comic at any venue, but this one was really tough. His footing was slightly off, but took what the audience gave him, and with some jabbing and maneuvering, his set came to an awkward and funny end (by design). His slow paced, and ironic delivery of circumstances might have been too early for the last of the happy hour crowd. But we at CHF understood and mad respect for Cash was stamped in our minds. Then it was comic Pam Debutts‘ turn. And heck, because of what Cash experienced, Debutts’ put on the charm. Some sprinkling of ‘conversations with mom’ humor, and the ever popular ‘searching for a mate’ stories, connected. The audience particularly loved her bit about the ‘back up’ pants/trousers. We all have them, for sure. Justin Senno came up to the ‘DIY’ stage and came to the ambush with his ‘Jack McBrayer’-ish looks and mannerisms. Having become a brand new father to a new baby, his bit started and ended with his new chapter in life. But it seems the ‘pants’ was 80/20 worn by the understanding Wife. But we all can empathize, don’t we? His child-like grins and awkward pauses, made an enjoyable session. J. Lat (Talj Howard) was up next and came with the most racially themed yucks of all the comics. But it’s no wonder, for it’s that subject that is so relevant to the current politics in the U.S. The self realizing and ‘judgmental’ aura of his jokes were designed to cringe a bit. But his laughter and friendly mannerisms, soften the blow for many. Amanda Gail was next, and came on to the stage with pop music looks and started to fire some shotgun pellets at the audience. The connection with the audience was a bit off, but, again, her charming outlook and observational themes took to heart with the listeners. The only regret is that because of her getting off work a bit late, we didn’t get to take a photo of her. Seemed she had a new hair style done as well, and could have been a win-win. But we digress.

The feature comic Monty Mason took to the stage with ‘Caribbean’ roots tattooed on his sleeves and took no prisoners – especially joking about his father’s antics and mannerisms. It’s a natural fit, really, for fathers are funny. It’s true. Mothers are funny too. They cannot be separated from the comic and his/her life (for obvious reasons). But Mason’s antics are based on his larger than life facial expressions and dynamic use of his body to portray the scene and to knock down the joke. No subtleties here. This night his major chord was struck with the audience, for by the end of his set, majority of the ears were focused on his contagious belly laughs. It was a joy for all attending.

Monty Mason, Justin Senno, J. Lat © comeherefloyd 2018

As for Ghost Bear Productions, their next event will be in the second week of June, with what we can imagine will be a fabulous list of comics, yet again.



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