COMEDY: The Last Laugh Comedy Show / Comics Throw It Down Again.

Zack Breheney, Grisel Cabrera, John Sweeny © comeherefloyd 2018

Every month the gang at Ghost Bear Productions do their comedy thang at LITM Bar and Restaurant. They invite some funny people, put them on a stage, and do their best to arrest the attention of the bar goers and ‘food-eater-uppers’ aka patrons.

It’s a hustle. But it’s what these ‘soldiers of comedy’ does for the craft.

Hit them with zigs.

Hit them with zags.

Hit the audience with some sprinkle of politics, highlight racism, and most of all, spread the most intimate and personal issues, for the public.

Even if they’re eating. LOL

Anywho, that’s the fun of it. That’s why you go watch stand-up.

Matt Jenkins, Dave Durkin © comeherefloyd 2018

Zack Breheney started off the night with some zingers. Most of the topics this night was about his father. LOL. Zack is a ‘realist’ from a comedian’s point of view. He’s obviously observant, but is very, very much up front about what ‘Popeyes’ and ‘Uber’ is to him and for his life. He ain’t having it. He’ll defend, or denigrate the best ‘brands’ out there. Don’t be slighting this comic. Like a little pit-bull, he’ll bite, without barking. Next up was John Sweeney, who portrays the ‘grumpy aging dad of 3’ next door. And surely he does it fabulously – for (we think) he IS ‘the grumpy aging dad of 3’ kids. LOL. Nothing to really exude, for his bits are relatable with many from both sexes. Whether the bits are a bit of an ‘acquired taste’, is another question.

Then there was Alex Grubard. We’d first seen him perform last month at Asbury Park, and he was…how did we put it: “a fast talking word ‘aggression’ on ‘speed’. We’re sure he’s heard something to that effect before. Maybe many, many times. But his delivery has a purpose and focus. Which is to ‘disarm’, ‘shock & awe’, to be succinct.” Alex was a late replacement for another comic, but surely he did fabulously giving the folks some stitching on the side, while some beers was going down their gullets. Success, we always say.

Then a classic (and classy) lady of comedy, Grisel Cabrera came on stage to do some yucks. It had been couple of months, but we hadn’t seen her on stage since our HAGS show encounter, in Asbury Park. She killed it there. With a couple of new material (well, at least to our ears) added to the roster, she killed it again by maximizing the ‘cringe factor’ from the audience reactions, and laughter. ‘3-somes’, ‘Cat Calls’, and the sight of her ‘anal sphincter’ was on the menu. And her bodily movements and delivery is fabulously choreographed for our eyes delight. Always enjoyable. LOL.

This night’s fastest high-torque monster award went to Dave Durkin. He’s a ‘grinder’ of a comic. He seems to spit because he’s talking so intensely. But the ‘cringe’ angle is fabulous. And when he smells blood (aka lots of laughter) he goes for it! His words flow out of his mouth, describing all sorts of WWE related oddities, and telling us the weird contrast of ‘dropping the soap’ in a jail complex. Logistically for the sexual predator, it is a nightmare! Durkin was a nice last minute addition, for sure.

Pauline Murphy is a tall and pretty comic gal with the attitude of a cheetah. Not the ‘Cheeto’s Cheetah’, but a real Leopard ‘Cheetah’ from the forests. She’ll jump you. Hit you (with her jokes) and provide you with ‘vodka shots’ to make you forget you got carjacked out of a whole bunch of laughs. Her trademark ‘timbs’ (Timberland boots) and the colorful get-up, is all her. And we love her for it. The stage lights up and the audience can’t wait to hear what ridiculous stories she had for us this night. She’s a ‘hurricane’ weather system, as well, and we never expect anything less from the pro.

Matt Jenkins was up for the finale. His joke style is subtlety, and ‘under the radar’. The smirks and grins, bring out the empathy from the crowd, then he pounces with ‘squishy hammers’ upside your head. His love of competition is evident, for he just wants to win. And one way to guarantee is to win against the disabled and elderly at a rehabilitation center. Walking normally trumps, crutches – as he’d put it (paraphrased). We ‘GET’ him. We ‘UNDERSTAND’. It’s hard out there in the world. Got to take advantage whenever we can, right?

Lastly, we salute you two up in the middle of the row, the comics (somehow) dubbed ‘the Scientists’. The duo friends, were a great sports in taking questions from the comics, and, several time making sure the record was correct: they were just friends. As Jenkins pointed out, ‘Sorry, but you guys were sharing fries together…I got the wrong vibe.’ Where ever you two are, we thank you for you going with the flow.

The next Ghost Bear Productions comedy show will be coming July 11th @ LITM.

Zack Breheney, Grisel Cabrera, John Sweeny © comeherefloyd 2018


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