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Common Ground // King Catcher // Born Lion // Izzy Miller // The Wit

Common Ground – Bridges

Have fiddle and banjo, and we’re IN. And when you add impeccable lyrics, delectable lead vocals, and overall bluegrass-folk-fun, then we’re essentially having a sonic affair. Six piece, alt-country/folk-rock band COMMON GROUND (based in NYC) will be ready for you when they drop their debut album ‘Wayward’ on January 25th. ‘Bridges’ is one of their singles that just keeps the party going at the barn on a street in Manhattan, or anywhere you’re at. It’s the honesty and the sense of starting ‘anew’ that’s seeded in the song that makes it so good. Singer Christina Maida’s undeniable energy and exuberance of expression paints every part of her words with pride and gusto. Also, if you’re curious, the name of the band comes from the venue where Christina and Brian Hayman first met at an open-mic. Their compatriots John Castaldo, Darcy Hargadon, Eugene Armencha and Justin Freidus, help complete this fabulous offering.

King Catcher – Fear and Loathing

KING CATCHER consists of Stephen Bodger (vocals and instruments) and Andy James (instruments and vocals). The two lapsed scientists from North London stated: “We write tunes about unusual stuff. In part it’s about the pleasures and pitfalls of hedonism while the sound was inspired by overhearing an accidental mash up of MGMT and Leonard Cohen coming through different walls in my bedroom at the same time.” Huh. Never would have figured. But, yea. We agree to that self-assessment, indeed. To us, the interesting story is that with the synth drums and vocals of a passing though of nihilism, combines to drag up well hidden inhibitions in total strangers. ‘Fear And Loathing’ is a trip, within a step, towards a construction of art. Randomness of it all, is oh so rational; where one un-related subject can inspire such powerful urges for creation.

Born Lion – Bigger Than Jesus

“This song came after a very tough period for the band. I think there was a collective sense of wanting to just get back to having fun and when we got back in the jam room this is what came out,” stated John Bowker (Vocals / Guitar). “I put this video together myself. It was a very time consuming process but admittedly I had a lot of fun making it. The clip follows a dude that feels he can improve his situation with some ‘magic’ pills. He soon learns it was all a hoax and the pills were merely a placebo. The final twist is that the whole simulation was really just an 8 bit video game being played by a stoned Jesus. Some inception sh#t right there!” BORN LION is good – real good. We all knew that. And starting in February they have coordinated their “Bigger Than Jesus Tour”. It’s a mini tour, visiting cities of Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne, with bands like Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams, Jonesez, Dropping Honey, Fait Accompli Whispering Jackie, Ess-Em and Bitchslap playing. Aww-right!

Izzy Miller – Another Drink or Two

IZZY MILLER’s voice is from a decade of the past. Every crinkle and expression of his voice in ‘Another Drink Or Two’, makes a very tough world feel a little bit better to deal. It’s that warm and kind hand on your shoulder, from your best pal. It’s the warm hollar of support from your best gal. It’s your brother’s sweet and nostalgic smile, with an “It’ll be alright” to boot. Alabama based singer/songwriter comes as raw as you can, as you can feel the unimpeded story telling through his songs. Even better, his guitar playing sensibilities doubles down on his lyrical prowess, as it adds another lather in poignancy. Each short but straight single (including ‘Another Drink or Two’) are an impactful decision in looking into our own life and soul. His brand new EP ‘Precipice’ is out now, and it features Mike Daly (pedal steel: Travis Tritt, Hank Williams, Jr.), Joey Huffman (piano/organ: Matchbox 20, Soul Asylum), Shane Davis (Black Market Salesmen), and Ben Jobe (Wolves of Chernobyl). If you make one choice today, choose to listen to Izzy’s latest.

The Wit – Dead Clones

We thought we were in the middle of a war. That’s what happens when you start with the frenetic body of ‘Dead Clones’. As it cleverly and beautifully weaves into and out of the war zone, the song by THE WIT makes it clear to you that, you’d been transported to another dimension. And when THE WIT exists, that dimension of innovation and song construction is aggressive and empathetic. This 3rd single from the upcoming record (February 8th) is a blizzard you’d always wanted in your snow globe of needs and wants. It is exciting. It blows your socks off. The band consists of straight shooters: Eirik Haukland, Peter Hiley, Eirik Kirkemyr, Torstein Kvamme Holum, and Jørgen Myhr Stokke.


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