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Common Hours // Optic Oppression // Poor Edward // Stainwasher // Lupa J

Common Hours – Peace of Mind

Adam Black is COMMON HOURS. And when he sings, hearts turn to see the brighter side of life. It’s hard to do, when things in our lives can go a certain way. It’s that piece of life that makes you feel better, giving more confidence to hit the future with an outlook that was missing for a long time. Traversing from pop and indie-rock, COMMON HOURS utilizes beautiful guitar works and glides into your mind, caressing and giving you the strength to go on. The Portland based band drives in honesty and truth, and as the lyrics wash over you, you just feel good. Certainly worth its weight in gold, when life can be so hard to manage. The quartet (consisting of Adam, Ariel Roxanne Cook, August George, and Dillon VanBuren) is that small gift you needed. See them at The White Eagle in Portland Oregon, March 22nd.

Optic Oppression – See No Evil

OPTIC OPPRESSION is the project of Kendall Cage’s obsessions. A driving call to arms against the world that presses and suppresses. Personal indignations in relationships amplified into a substantive argument, in warning – a relative protest of sorts, to the whims of luck and prejudice of the mind. Kendall wants that called out, and submitted for the world to shine upon its light to disinfect and cleanse. One of those exercises is from the single ‘See No Evil’. The single is off of Kendall’s plans in a series of releases for 2019, and it is a pungent assault, with industrial vigor and dynamic digital pension for a style that is of the best traditions of Linkin Park and Nine Inch Nails. When the chorus kicks in, it is invigoratingly satisfying, with Kendall’s voracious vocals guiding the torch down that rabbit hole, aimed to destroy the hurt and the wounds preyed upon our souls. OPTIC OPPRESSION “seeks to grasp the cutting-edge and carve out a niche of it’s own in a musical world where it seems everything has been done before.”

Poor Edward – A Little Time

Harmonies intertwine throughout this delectable pop single from POOR EDWARD. ‘A Little Time’ is “about realizing that no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes, and that sometimes we all just need a little time to come around and be better people”, stated the band. What a lesson in straight forward song that is framed in country-folk, but oh so dipped in the goodness that is the pop-rock genre. Brothers Martin and Kristian Rinde make up this project, and as the Norway based duo strums and sings, their sense of positivity explores our most cynical minds. Said Martin: “This is our first song released in 4 years. We plan to release 5 singles in 2019..” The duo hasn’t missed a beat, for sure. Look for more from this delightful duo again soon.

Stainwasher – Joy For Me

STAINWASHER makes wispy and ethereal dream-scapes out of slivers of thoughts and emotional tattle-tales. A gentile and delicate joy of subtle silences of personal swings – a revelation in a current self versus the future treks into that beach-side notions. Glimmering with shouts of decadence, the single raises its arms to be noticed. To be noticed by your busy mind, swept away in a world of distractions and mis-fortunes. It beckons you to come back, and come back soon, to the place you belong. “The song is about my wish to be able to spend time doing things that brings me joy,” said Stainwasher. “I’m often held back by stuff like jobs, mistakes and my brain in general. And when those things start to affect me too much, I still need to keep it together so I don’t contaminate the people around me. Epidemics can be spread easier than you think, or perhaps you don’t think of them at all.“ She stops time, and we want to go there with her.

Lupa J – You’re In My Headphones

Taken from her upcoming debut album ‘Swallow Me Whole’, the ever delicious artist LUPA J, keeps it coming with ‘You’re In My Headphones’. We’d featured Lupa with her single ‘Drift’ in September of last year, and we’d been stoked at her versatility and talent from then on. As she drives forward to her debut album, it is her destiny to keep her listeners engaged and oh so very satisfied. Her unique take on EDM-like vocal presentation and energy, coupled with synth-pop variances, makes her songs relevant and in demand. We’d called her “a fresh blend” and that her offerings are beautiful in “every way”. The refreshing indie star is up and coming, and we can’t wait for even more to experience her zest.


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