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Common Jack ‘I Don’t Mind’ : The road is long… but good and the bad will surge in a greater self identity.

CJ’s latest album and EP are available now.

Common Jack / Photo: Noel Woodford

Brooklyn based project Common Jack is John Gardner’s resistance statement to the ether. The native to the hardships and challenges of life, the anguish and sometimes harmony of existing and surviving comes to the fore in his single ‘I Don’t Mind’.

We’d stated about Common Jack: “Out of the darkness – a private darkness – the delight and light beams as golden… It is that fight with honesty and clamoring to be exactly that. The tugging of monstrous simplicity, is as hard as the most complicated of relationships. But with the delicious lyrical works and vocal attention by John, no matter what’s happening on your sliver of Earth, you fly in the clouds. You levitate towards the clouds as the country-folk pop visions, makes your skin tingle with pride. The chill of the upper atmospheres bother you none, as you continue to soar upwards. Will the wings hold, in the glory of that warmth?”

The solemn and of a personal bereavement, the song combine to make this understated hot chocolate yumminess that is of Common Jack’s musical nature. The road is long, as the project reveals in its songs. But Common Jack also affirms that, from those roads, the good and the bad can be cultivated to push and prod to a greater self identity.




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