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Comprador – Keep It Real

Off of COMPRADOR’s album ‘Important’ (available now), ‘Keep It Real’ is a remark on top of a remark, which was made on top of a mountain of thoughts and crippled emotional accidents. Cincinnati Ohio based hard-rock offerings of Charles D’Ardenne, this 90’s early 2000’s recording sets on a practical trip into an unknown in self revelry. Reflections bounce up towards the source, burning into the crevasses of the secret and shunned. In his album ‘Important’, the artist scores songs of many salutations for challenges that are unremarkably dismissed, to personally reactionary orders in self triumphs and ‘almosts’. Each single writhes in the spectrum of emotions a person goes through, and settle to a grinding list of questions and anomalies. All are relatable and are communicated with a pungent musical odor in human deprivation and self-improvement.

French Nancy – Walls

Jack Gooding and Joe Friel makes up all that is good with their project FRENCH NANCY. And this time around their single ‘Walls’, they continue to embed our brain cells with dreamy hymns of far-apart tensions in living and introspective distances that are farther than between. The incapsulated puzzlement of life, casts no death waves in mis-representative relevance. In fact, in ‘Walls’, it is the contradictory argument for the openness in realization that washes over so well in the synth pastels we see and hear so clearly. Hooks and guitars, and all that is holy, re-lives in decadence, note from note from each shimmering note. The ‘refreshing’ attitude of the band, comes once again to give happiness of our senses another try. It’s a match made in understated intensity.

Anna Rose – The Chariot

ANNA ROSE is a rebel in beautiful disguise. She’s the rebel you’d always wanted to be – at least in the musical sense. The pop songstress is adept at commercially viable songs as much as the most alternative. ‘The Chariot’ is of the former and the anthemic single is as powerful as the notion of your virility. The thrust of Anna Rose’s vocals is the best of immovable bedrock of philosophical intentions, blended in curiously delightful melodic intuitions. Off of her upcoming new album, ‘The Chariot’ is part of her Nashville recorded series of powerfully delivered and perfectly caressed words of encouragement in the view of challenges and downfalls. Anna Rose stated: “Throughout a time of deep turmoil and sadness, I found myself in Nashville a lot, writing not just for myself but for other artists and for film and television. That city slowly began to really feel like home. Working there, making art there… really helped me heal a lot of the wounds that I had collected along the way in my life.” Anna Rose will never be defeated. She always rises to the occasion. She continues a path of much accolades.

Oli Hannaford – Say It (ft. N.O.M.A.D. Luke & Scarlett Fae)

Petulantly out-sourced in a particular view for the ambient, OLI HANNAFORD produces singles that traverse genres, touching persons with ample love, and affection. With ‘Say It’, he continues that march down Soul-Boulevard and never apologizes for the talents that are speckled in the lines of music and lyrical circulations. Featuring N.O.M.A.D. Luke and Scarlett Fae, ‘Say It’ culminates into a cloudy softness of lessons learned and to-be-learned with an aromatic touch that christens the notion for soft and emblematic nuances. London based Oli will drop his upcoming new EP ‘If You Wanna’ soon, and as that day comes, his continued collaborations with RnB singer Scarlett Fae, and fresh Californian rapper N.O.M.A.D. Luke, makes perfect sense and delights our souls. Look for even more from Oli and his sense for musical entertainment.

Feelds – Glass Arms

James Seymour’s project, FEELDS, is a dreamy pop-rock concentration for the heart. It delivers with painstakingly attractive vocals, lonesome visions for the lover in all of us, and irks at the chances with opportunities that come but never stay for long. Vivid with clever colors in storytelling acumen, James’ singular charm keeps us attached and tuned to the beauty of the simple but thrusting singles. ‘Glass Arms’, described by James as a ‘eureka moment’ from a ‘downtime in a Brisbane’ studio, comes at us with notions of confusion, ecstasy, nascency for the moment, and an intrinsic commitment for the route ahead. Bandmates Jarred Young (drums) and Katie Wighton (backing vocals) helps James complete his songs, with ample dexterity in connecting and reassurance in craft.


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