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Con Davison Shares Beautifully Cosmic ‘Far Off Distant Plans’.

In a vacuum, we glide to and fro, at time giving glancing blows to the side rails, but never admitting that we’d made contact. The wide open space of it all, makes it a time for introspection. The damning evidence curled up in my night socks, keeping warm in the textures of the winter bite. “When will this trepidation right up in my throat stop throbbing?” he wondered.

There was no reply.

CON DAVISON is a special and talented artist. His combination of indie-rock ballads and harmonies that depict with regularity of the Beatles, his body of work deservedly wants our attention. And with glea, we try to give all our attention to this glorious of singles ‘Far Off Distant Plans’.

The single is an obstruction to the course of defiance, in regular decisions made for what’s good and what’s not. The beauty is in the simplicity. However, there is eternal complex driving this engine of hope, love, longing, unsureness, and growing pains.

“As long as I can remember, I’ve been undeniably anxious about where my life is headed and the person that I’m becoming. Growing up feels so out of my control sometimes and there’s a deep paranoia that complacency will lead me to future that feels like a mistake. ‘Far Off Distant Plans’ meanders through that fear, acknowledging the struggle to avoid a life that’s lived short of what you’d hoped for.”

CON is an beautiful songwriter from a Texan stock, living and producing in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


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