Conan: Been a long time Stewart! TV’s retired Dad returns to support Autism schools, programs and services.

Jon Stewart stops by to quiz Conan on his Big Apple bonafides and announce Conan’s new Omaze experience in conjunction with Night of Too Many Stars.” The show airs on November 18th, on HBO.

Donate to NEXT for Autism through OMAZE Stewart. Then, enter to win Co-Host duty for one episode with Conan O’Brien! OMAZE Conan

“Jon Stewart returns to television for Night of Too Many Stars, a live show presented from The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York. Benefiting NEXT for AUTISM, the special will feature stand-up performances, sketches and short films.”

Night Of Too Many Stars (Comedy Central)
Since 2006, Night of Too Many Stars has raised over $18 million, giving children and adults with autism the opportunities they deserve to learn, contribute and live the fullest lives possible. While many great organizations focus primarily on autism research, Night of Too Many Stars and New York Collaborates for Autism raise funds to support autism schools, programs and services.

NEXT for Autism
NEXT for AUTISM transforms the national landscape of services for people with autism by strategically designing, launching, and supporting innovative programs. We believe that individuals with autism have the potential to live fulfilling, productive lives when supported by excellent services and connected to their communities. We continually ask, what’s next for people on the autism spectrum?

Is an online fundraising platform that offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive merchandise in support of critical causes.

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