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Concrete Pete and The Bathroom Floortiles Share ‘Cowbell Song’.

CONCRETE PETE AND THE BATHROOM FLOORTILES is grungified garage-rock duo who use a plethora of cow-bells. Where do you go from there? What can you do with that description? There’s only one place you’d want to go.

And that’s the ‘basement of your mind’, your heart, your practical everyday.

Remember, the basement has your TV, your couch, your game system, and your favorite music you’d collected in years past.

The rawness is in the duo, and there’s no denying that. Rough and tumble questions and angst in the lyrics are fast layered with the 90’s and early 2000’s rock attitude that awaits each listener.

The band consists of Bruno Romano (vocals/guitar) and Anthony Tollis (drums), and they write about ‘conspiracies, prophecies, spirituality and life experiences’.

And why not! They’re weird and fun.

The guys are working on a new album and seeking to continue their good times .

Let’s find out, as we take some rides with the duo.


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