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Conditioner’s Magical Single ‘Living Fine’ Takes A Look-See Into The ‘Friendship’ Paradox.

It was that year of slow evenings, cold iced-tea, and straw hats, which we loved wear together. We held hands, with ice-cream and cotton candy in our opposite hands – laughing, teasing, kissing, hugging. The state fair was our favorite little place where we could be ourselves. It was our little dominion, where our words didn’t have to be hidden from the views of others, and unwarranted interjections.

Your freckles around your face was so adorable to me. Your longing eyes, told me you loved me. I tried to reciprocate, and you’d tell me that I was ‘beautiful’. Many times we blushed, and made each other blush, over and over again. We sat down at the evening bench, at the country dusk, and we would talk and talk. We would put our straw cowboy hats back a bit, then talk while we were kissing, with each other’s lips in our respective mouths.

With cotton candy and ice-cream taste, subtly on your lips.

Your lips, on mine.

The summer ended, and we weren’t lovers any more. Our longing looks faded to a trickle. And we went our separate ways.

I’m still in love with you, Helen. I always will. Hope you think of me the same.

CONDITIONER’s ‘Living Fine’ is a song about ‘staying friends’ after being an item for a while. Yikes. That’s always a difficult predicament. Maybe the only solution is TIME. But are we, the human animal, that patient? Each case is different, but couldn’t hurt tryin’. Right? No? It’s a dilemma.

But CONDITIONER’s song construction is not. Their subtle ambition with this single accentuates the relateability of the duo. The banter and the somewhat-ironic attitude in the lyrics and delivery, keeps us very much entertained and engaged.

It’s a cool song, for sure.



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