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CONDORE Shares Single ‘Love Zombies’. The Gleaming Rays Of Light Penetrated The Curtains.

The circle on the chalk board, bore a familiar shimmer in the late afternoon sun light. The gleaming rays of light penetrated the curtains in the school home room. The shimmer, came and gone. The students watched it with delight and curiosity. What was it? They supposed.

Classes ended, for summer vacation.

Text books were thrown into hallway lockers.

And the last bell of the summer rang.

The circle on the black board, bore a familiar negligence in that early sunrise morning.

It loomed above her bedroom ceiling, right above her head. Its shimmer wasn’t seen anymore.

In one swoop, Penny, was enveloped by the dark and forbodding blackness.

Summer vacation ended. A new statistic, was born.

Almost nothing is known about our CONDORE. She’s a pianist and multi-instrumentalist fro Liège, Belgium.

And her little repertoire in this single ‘Love Zombies’ is odd, and gloriously eclectic.

We can’t wait to hear more of her.



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