Confidence Man – Better Sit Down Boy

Pop is a curious thing. It makes you dance. It makes you stumble. It makes you happy. It can make you sad. Confidence Man’s Better Sit Down Boy is one of those amalgamated aggregate of emotions and mind-burps. It’s contagious and fun – so much fun.

In a small way, mostly via the percussions (then the chorus) are arranged (and because of Janet’s vocals), the song gives us the feel of the song ‘Ready To Go’ by Republica.

Then, in the bridge, feels like the Spice Girls?? Weird.

It’s a good thing, in our eyes.

Better Sit Down Boy is effervescent, engaging, energizing, and ultimately, an entertainment saga galore.

As we’d mentioned, the MIX of emotions and arrangements and tastes, just is delicious.

Janet Planet and Sugar Bones, make up the dynamic duo. They’d been hitting and slapping (figuratively) their fans for several years and looking to do more damage (figuratively) into 2018.

They are weird, unique, decked-out, explosive live, and very talented.

Driving a while on that lonely highway to your next destination? We’d recommend putting on this song to get the journey started in a positive light.

It’s a good thing, for sure.

And we’re fans.

The duo is rep’ed by Amplifire Music and Heavenly Recordings.


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