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CONOR MAC Shares Emphatic ‘Fleur De Lis’. “World Economies Have Nothing On Him.”

The bridge from CONOR MAC’s single ‘Fleur De Lis’ is where it’s AT. The sounding board to the recent past, an appreciation for loved ones of strangers, and future outcomes, Conor brings out the right kind of moment-in-time, by describing the natural angst and (often) frustrations of opportunities lost for many in the world.

It’s hope.

That world we all have developed together is a very trade oriented and diversified web of economies. This has benefited, and lifted more and more of the world’s population starting in the mid 20th century. That trend seems to be unstoppable.

However, even though more and more are lifted from lower economic statuses, many are left behind.

“When I sat down to write the music and the lyrics the song came to be about those people that the rest of the world forgets about particularly people from working class areas. This song is a tribute and a lamenting cry for those who have the talent, the intelligence and the ability but due to outside circumstances such as their socioeconomic status they are denied the opportunities that they deserve.”

The socially conscious efforts of Conor reminds us that we can be a bit more aware of our past, present, and future. We all can’t guide the world’s trends for the better, but we always can keep trying and chip away.

The lost talents of so many, is regrettable. But there’s a silver lining: humans are inherently (in general) are nice, and good. Spring boarding off of that notion, we think there’s always a chance that the ship can get closer and closer to that ideal place of harmony, for a bigger and bigger chunk of the global population.

“I am incredibly proud of this song and the lift into the chorus and middle 8 really make this song shine out as a unique and important track.”

Agreed Conor. Agreed.

We think you should have a crack at Conor’s songs. He brings that interesting ‘non-polished, but polished’ vocal idiosyncrasies enjoyed by folks like us, and many others. And that’s a good thing.



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