Constant Follower ‘Set Aside Some Time’ : “So save yourself some heart ‘till you need it.”

Constant Follower

Scottish band Constant Follower’s single ‘Set Aside Some Time’ is a meditative and ethereal ode to appreciating the joys of the present.

Warm, woozy and heart-wrenchingly beautiful, Constant Follower’s forthcoming single is a humble nod to the inevitable passing of time. Self-described purveyors of “soaring-ambient-dreampop-experimental-folk”, the band’s emotionally honest and pain-stricken, yet poignant, lyrics have confirmed the four-piece without a doubt as one of the most exciting acts Scotland has produced.

Stephen McAll, Andrew Pankhurst, Amy Campbell and Kessi Stosch brings that exact prudence for what is ‘now’ right down to the atoms of thought and perseverance.

“Everything we love grows old. So save yourself some heart ‘till you need it. You’ll need it. And set aside some time, ‘till you need it. You’ll need it.”



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