Constant Smiles ‘Only Love’ : A listening in dynamically poised stance.

Constant Smiles

Constant Smiles’ ‘Only Love’ is the first single off upcoming ‘Control’ (June 19th).

Brooklyn-based group is headed by songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Ben Jones, for whom has created dozens of albums’ worth of music in his home studio. ‘Control’ confronts what he has now named his “destructive creative drive”.

Shifting forever from moody synth driven accolades in song, to indie-rock edged symphonic atolls, the reverb-drenched grooves depicted in the vocals of Constant Smiles, verify and dictate emotions in calmness and delight. No matter the situational subject – no matter what the variance of feelings, the tonal attention matched with the lyrical drenching, soak through your pores with conviction and beautified relevance.

‘Only Love’ is one of Ben’s evolution. A listening in dynamically poised stance.


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