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Continuing Blue Hawk Record’s Tradition, Students Featured in 12th Consecutive Compilation Record.

(Top Left) Bri Scangarello, Brad Kraft, FRANCESCA. (Bottom Left) Shadiyah, Drew, and Carlos. (Right Main) Wynward.

Uniqueness is what we seek out daily, here at CHF. Whether uniqueness is new music or old music we’d just discovered. And in the recent months we’d gotten to know a bit more about a educational program produced and offered by the administration at Monmouth University. The university is located in Long Branch, New Jersey, and has been one of many staples of higher education for students in that area since 1933.

Fast forward to the 2013, and Blue Hawk Records was established with the aim of the club helping students in learning how an actual record label is run and operated. The label manages to accomplish everything from making of a particular record, branding of artists, executing marketing strategies, and managing live event showcases. The ‘making of a BHR artist’ is put to actual practice for real world purposes, as their close relationships with Lakehouse Recording Studio in Asbury Park, The Music Business Association, and The Grammy Museum, offer further opportunities to expand career options, including industry related networking possibilities. Once chosen, each artist is presented with a specific student manager. The student manager, acting like a publicist, represents the artist, making sure that his/her/their label needs are being met with satisfaction. At Lakehouse Recording Studios, here the artist experiences recording with their in-house record engineers, learning the philosophy and goals of how a song is constructed behind the scenes. The curriculum is a required component to the program’s major offering.

The current Chairman and Program Professor, Joe Rapolla, conducts the class with the caveat that each of his participating students know what is expected of them, whether they belong to the press team, GM team, or the social media team. Each week, the culmination of results for the program is discussed in class, coordinated for efficiency, and gather to-do lists for the coming week. Each ‘homework’ is assessed, dissected, and made consumable for each student’s learning aims.

We congratulate Blue Hawk Records and the participating artists, for we at CHF feel educational programs like this is a good thing, and should be advocated.

(Top Left) Bri Scangarello, Brad Kraft, FRANCESCA. (Bottom Left) Shadiyah, Drew, and Carlos. (Right Main) Wynward.

In 2018, the 12th compilation album featuring Wynward, FRANCESCA, Bri Scangarello, Brad Kraft, and the trio: Shadiyah, Drew, and Carlos will be available for the masses.

Wynward‘s ‘Give Up’:
Consisting of Jim Mill, Nick Abatemarco, and John Capo, Wynward brings for the compilation ‘Give Up’, a grunge rock reminiscent and flavored like legendary bands as Pearl Jam. The grit, the angst, the frustration is written right through the riffs and lyrics of this entertaining tune.

“Give Up is about being true to who you are and not giving in to the pressures around you. We changed our band lineup and name a couple years ago to break any mold we were associated with and this song is a reflection of that”.

Francesca brings ‘PTL’, a piano driven pop anthem which inquisitively begs the question of the song being fit for the stages of Broadway. The affection of tit-for-tat flirtations begin the song and continues with the unique but none-the-less infectious vocals of Francesca.

“My experience in the studio was great. Everyone has been so helpful, encouraging, and professional through this process. warm and romantic while still remaining consistent with melodic pop sounds. It’s definitely different than anything else I’ve ever worked and I’m excited about it. “Post Traumatic Love” is very metaphorical and I want people to connect to that”.

Bri Scangarello’s ‘Hold On’:
The freshman at the University is a proponent of songwriting, mixing modern country-pop and alt-rock inhibitions throughout the song. Her R&B-esque attitude and ‘don’t worry about me’ lyrics, gave us contentment.

“It was such a fun experience, and when I got the call that I made it onto the album, I started jumping and screaming from excitement. Everyone in Blue Hawk Records is really cool and great to work with and I’m so excited and grateful that I get the opportunity to learn more about the industry, while doing something I love, alongside some really great

Brad Kraft ‘Live it Up’:
Brad Kraft seems to be an interesting cat. In ‘Live It Up’ the message is clear: “So what’s the point in living for the future, when the present is a gift already here?” Get going he says. Let’s live to the full. Don’t worry yet about the crouching ‘real-world’. Let’s take a moment of respite. Let’s all get together, to celebrate ‘the now’. The ukulele driven opinion piece by Kraft is a post-emo-punk call to ‘arms’ – for the young at heart and in actuality.

“Tell me which one is a greater number: zero motivation or a six pack of beer?” Kraft asks. We say, tab a cold one off of that six pack, and throw it our way.

Shadiyah, Drew, and Carlos’s ‘All On U’:
In ‘All On U’ the trio performs a curious hybrid of a song mixing R&B and Hip Hop music, wrapping the final product in rap and keyboard sensibilities. In the thread of the 90’s R&B Hip-Hop pop movements, the band kicks up the bass and the giant ‘letter jackets’ and keeps it updated and fun. The love song brings together the thoughts and trepidations of a relationship that could go awry, if nothing is done. Let’s make it real, before doubt grows and impedes.

The compilation artists are rep’ed by Monmouth University’s own, Blue Hawk Records.

On April 18th, attend Blue Hawk Records’ ‘After Midnight’ Album Release Show. FB Page [HERE] The release show will feature all the compilation artists, and of course food and merchandise for purchase. This is an outside event at MU’s resident quad. However, in the chance of inclement weather, the show will be done at the Student Center Cafeteria.

We dig it.



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