Contour ‘Science’ : “Are we lost or are we found? Are we free or are we bound?”


“Are we lost or are we found? Are we free or are we bound?”

Toronto area based alternative rocker Contour brings ‘Science’ to the fore. And with it a series of questions and dilemmas that haze existence.

“‘Science’ is a heavy hitting Post-Hardcore Anthem for existential crisis” said Contour (Kayle Goguen). “The song asks the question of whether or not morality is inherent within our society or will the growing fallout of organized religion bring out the worst in us?”

This is Contour’s fifth single since last September 2019.

The September 2019 release ‘Above You’ was Contour’s debut as a solo project. The slow-burning rock song with brooding vocals and an explosive ending details the guilt in letting go of people you can no longer help. Contour’s next single ‘Sidelines’ blends dynamic drums and bass grooves with fast-paced gritty vocals in an angsty protest against letting life pass by. Third single fferal’ is a more somber melodic build about society’s obsession with fame and false idols.

Writing “more meaningful music while still building complex arrangements” Contour’s focus more than ever before. The intensity bares out the raw story telling that he’d been awaiting and now being witnessed in the pulsing veins of his musical ambitions.

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A blind man could see the way you enter a room The captive cadence of your steps comsume Like violent tracks in the dirt crowning You fill a room like liquid and now I'm drowning In a crowded room I could still sense your temperature Hear each frequency in how your breath returns Each exhale’s like an alarm sounding You know how to stop time, so I'll start counting – #Contour #lyrics #songwriter #poetry #newmusic #alternative #rock #toronto #torontomusicscene #canadianmusic #posthardcore #hardrock #heavymusic #emo #alternativerock #guitar #drums #artist #indie #musician …for fans of #thrice #brandnewband #manchesterorchestra #chevelle #deftones #takingbacksunday #ascitiesburn #spotify #new #single

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