Conventioner x Kid Elliot ‘Overgrown 2.0’ : Look for tantalizing new batch of songs this year.


“I wrote and released a first version of this song in 2018,” said Conventioner. “Kid Elliot approached me about doing a remix last year and I was interested to hear his take on it. We worked closely together to shape the sound and I was so happy with how it came out that I decided to release it as an alt version of the original. We sped it up a touch and it has a completely new structure. No original sounds or chords were used, so it’s truly a brand new song. This is my first release of 10 this year (one per month) so it’s the first chance people will have to interact with me in 2020. I spent 2019 writing over 40 songs and I have a very busy year of releases ahead.”

Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, James Chester (aka Conventioner or CNVNTNR) is an independent Nashville-based pop artist who writes deeply personal, mid-tempo, sad (but not that sad) boy pop music. After releasing 2 EPs and a number of singles in 2018, he spent the majority of 2019 in writing rooms and studios, honing his sound and creating a new batch of songs.

In 2020, Conventioner will release 10 new singles.


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