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Cook & Stans // Fire For You // M/\XWELL // Steve James // Quiet Bison

Cook & Stans – A Soft Cake

Two friends. Both based out of Freiburg, Germany. The name derived from a 1998 game named ‘Monkey Island’. They read books, search the Internet, analyze music, rant about problems, rant about real world problems in their lives. But they always come back to the thing that makes them live their lives, the way they do. And that is their music. Classic, neo-future, EDM, nostalgic – the duo brings music of the 90’s and 00’s to the new world of EDM and the senses that hinge upon it. The duo sums it up nicely about their crazy music obsession, with a statement that isn’t related directly with their obsession. In third person description the duo said: “When with their girlfriends, you can often find them with headphones in front of their PCs.” Respect.

Fire For You – Cannons

Devotion for a vision is what ‘Fire For You’ derives its sensual beauty from. With the decadent array of vocal affection, ‘Cannons’ repeat the pillars for what one does for another, with the self appointed promise for something greater – something mountainously existential. Grooved in nu-disco sensibilities, FIRE FOR YOU, relegates love and haste, pop and circumstance into this gorgeously delineated and alienating account of what had then crumbled in a heap of ashes. But you know what they say about being burned. You can rise, with damages, but maybe – just maybe, stronger and wiser. We hope.

M/\XWELL – In The Night

Strength in characteristics is what M/\XWELL’s single ‘in The Night’ is all about. The gumption in his key work with key crunching stomps with power chords dictating the streams of consciousness into various crevasses, rouse up the beads of knowledge and aggression. The EDM producer from Dallas seems to have a knack for such a sauce, with tart and tangible sonic attitudes. ‘In The Night’ keeps it going.

Steve James – Fall For You

20 year old Johnstown, Pennsylvania origin, Los Angeles based producer/DJ STEVE JAMES give a bright and striking compilations of thoughts in ‘Fall For You’. Steve stated: “‘Fall For You’ is about crush not being a communicator, so you’re like, ‘Let’s talk about it. Let’s figure it out’. The song came from a combination of frustration and desire.” The strident sprint into colors from the single takes a difficulty in relationships, into a possible way of looking at it in a different light. Your kind of light, and emphasis for the way you will continue.

Quiet Bison – Stingray

Seventeen year old producer QUIET BISON makes the art of making interesting wall of sounds, look dang easy. From clashes of ‘noise’ that at face value don’t seem to belong, the merging of psychoses in notes blend with inspiring calamity and unremitting ecstasy. The art piece ‘Stringray’ is a balance between the experimental and the EDM culture at large, with grand plans thwarted in mid-stream, but laying down sultry promises of flowered hills at the same time. Off of his latest second EP ‘Sequence’, it is a shimmering example of what and how QB will lap up the future. QB stated: “In some ways this is simply the next chapter in my musical story, following the release of Trials and Tribulations. And maybe where Trials and Tribulations was an expression of overcoming the challenges and difficulties of the creative process and of being human, Stingray might be about restoring some kind of order or finding a way to move forward through writer’s block and life.”


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