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Cooled Jets Shares ‘I can Help’. “Experimental tinged, indie pop-rock endeavor.”

Samuel Proia is COOLED JETS. ‘I Can Help’ is his latest fun from this dynamic artist from Syracuse New York.

“So much fun” is the analysis of this song.

Though the actual subject of the song is within the ‘gray area’ of happiness, it sure has the effervescent theme that is unsettling, none-subtle, and vibrant in the more macabre way. The slice of sarcasm in which the chasm of the heart reels in silent pain, COOLED JETS reaps chunks of reward, with the song’s fabulousness.

The experimental tinged, indie pop-rock endeavor of ‘I Can Help’ is a demonstration of Samuels’ obvious talents, with the inextricable background full of whimsy, casual living, and inviting party atmosphere.

We think it’s easy to get into this single, for sur.

COOLED JETS officially existed since 2015.

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