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CORDOVAS Share The Good Ol’ Folk/Country Single ‘This Town’s A Drag’. Take A Deep Breath. Recharge.

The refreshing folk-rock sound of Cordovas in the single ‘This Town’s A Drag’. The airy presentation of the band’s songs is wide as the skies of Montana, but has the grinding soul searching we can attribute to the nice earthy taste of a single malt.

The slow drive through the wilds of the west, was a dream for Sheryl. She’d never thought this trip would ever become real, for there were challenges and hinderances all along the way to coordinating and finalizing. Her hectic life in corporate deemed a certain lifestyle and she couldn’t un-fasten it all the way. If she did, consequences would be dire for her, and her career.

She knew this.

But she need a battery re-charge. It had been 7 years since a proper get-away. Things haven’t been the perfect fairy-tale these days. So, she thought this would be the right moment in time. Her love-life wasn’t up to par, with the wrong selection in the other half. Then back at the office, the crew wasn’t working well together and she was stuck between them and the higher-ups.

She felt squeezed.

This town of hers was becoming claustrophobic.

She paused at the next gas-station. Last one for the next 50 miles. And she was up for a change and a challenge.

“I can do this. I can turn and right the ship.”

Optimism overflowed again.

Cordovas consists of veterans Joe Firstman, Lucca Soria, Toby Weaver, Graham Spillman, and Sevans Henderson.

Upcoming new album ‘That Santa Fe Channel’ drops August 10, debuting on ATO Records.

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