Corinne Sharlet ‘Deceiver’ : Willing and always delivering with the most poignant and intense.

Corinne Sharlet / Photo: Evan James Benally Atwood

Off of the dynamic and sultry EP (out now), the title track ‘Deceiver’ benign with soft strokes of champagne wishes upon a spaghetti-western expanse. “This collection of songs has been a long time coming,” shared Corinne.

Over the years Corinne’s contribution to various bands as a dynamic vocalist shaped her prowess as a dedicated performer, but it is her own inquisitive poeticism and bone-deep melodic instinct that shape the earthy musical aesthetic for her newly formal solo career.

‘Deceiver’ reflects on the “mysterious process that it is songwriting” as Corinne put it. “The song is a call to my own creativity; calling on the courage to capture melodies when they come to me even if they sound weird or unfamiliar.”

Incandescent, inquisitions plague the bejeweled world that is music and its call to arms. A beast that must be tussled with and grounded to the bottom, tames the begotten soul of a songwriter – willing and always delivering with the most poignant and intense.

Deceiver was recorded at Saint. Cecilia Studios in Portland, and engineered, co-produced and mixed by Steven Lee Tracey.

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thoughts on movement while sheltering in place / all these years I've been mistaken / creative movement is not the same as external movement / traveling from the city, to the mountains, to the desert, to the sea used to be sources of inspiration for my music / physical movement, a symbol of success, priviledge and freedom / not wanting to be anywhere / and now I stay stay stay / my creativity is slow and deceptive / when I chase it always slips through my hands / around in circles we go / but now I stay stay stay / sheltering in place / learning to feed my creativity with slow internal movement / staying / feels like freedom. . . . I realized today on a long slow walk around my neighborhood that this is what my song 'deceiver' is about. At least for now. New music video coming soon. . . . 📷 @evanjamesbenallyatwood #creativity #creativityduringquarantine #quarantinelife #pnwmusicians #pnwonderland #pdxmusicians #pdxmusic

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