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Cornelia Murr Shares ‘Man On My Mind’. Debut Album ‘Lake Tear Of The Clouds’ June 13.

‘Lake Tear Of The Clouds’ will be released June 13, and should be a heck of a ride into that somber autumn love that Cornelia Murr displays in her song, so well. The Londoner, now working/residing in California, knows a lot about the United States. It’s was her second home. Now, it’s her primary endeavor into that circumstance – the second chapter in her expected musical career.

Look into her eyes.

What do you see?

You see yourself with her.

Her – by your side.

Where did she go?

Don’t mention that.

Maybe later.

Don’t fall in matrimony.

Maybe later.

Hold her’s in yours.

It’s a foregone conclusion.

Be love. In love. For love.

Murr’s demure precedence in her vocals, coupled with the dialectic and non-mercurial pangs of notes, take you far away; away to that place of hiding, and comfort.


Cornelia Murr – Lake Tear of the Clouds
July 13, 2018 – Autumn Tone Records
1. Different This Time
2. Tokyo Kyoto
3. Man On My Mind
4. Cicada
5. Who Am I To Tell You
6. Billions
7. I Have A Woman Inside My Soul
8. You Got Me


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