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Corniglia Shares Mystically Avarice, ‘Tion’. “Enchanting form in function.”

CORNIGLIA is an amalgamation of thoughts and prevalence. A jaunting discount to the world of inner turmoils and external nihilism. A repenting surge of micro visions, tactically dripping in psychedelic revelry.

‘Tion’ is one of those that CORNIGLIA offers in form and function.

And it’s enchanting.

The Perth based band is made up of Matthew Irwin and Chloe De Paoli. The couple with a mission for life and music, dream up tapestries of shimmer and never seems to back down.

The duo stated: “The single is a rolling psych song. Dark dream pop. It’s the undulating, pulsing flow of surreal lyrics over rolling drums and guitars that drive and release like the rise and fall of the ocean. It’s waking in a primordial land. It’s waking from a dream. A dream of nature and of man – Conjoined twins long separated – both reunited and at war.”

“A derelict Cyborg Earth. But it is technology overreaching, faltering. The Earth reclaiming power. It’s the future mirroring the distant past.

Kudos, indeed. No matter how thing can end.



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