Cortex Accelera ‘Phylo’ : The future is now. The future is with ‘Phylo’.

Cortex Accelera

Cortex Accelera has incorporated drums, piano, guitar, and other noise making devices into his sonic arsenal. He has also collaborated with several talented musicians throughout his career and their talents can be heard on several of his releases.

The Los Angeles based artist, Mark Mallory, heads his project of sights and sounds, into a future that is both malleable and fluid. A rabid ambience in kaleidoscope in truths and angular dives, the electro filled title single ‘Phylo’, delights within the 5 song EP, which is available now.

Cortex Accelera has been painting pictures with sound, using everything from synthesizers, drum machines, live drums, guitars and piano. Seeking and looking for new and profound dimensions, his articulate usages hit home with directness and satisfaction.

“A vast range of electronic styles are explored throughout,” said CA, “always with an ethereal and other worldly inclination. Broken beats, driving arpeggiations and a constant lean towards leftfield tones and arrangement are abundant.”

The future is now. The future is with ‘Phylo’.


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