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CORY WONG / KATIS Share ‘Juke on Jelly’. “Happy Faces All Around!”

CORY WONG is kind of like VULFPECK’s band member, who’s got some fab following and loyalties from indie-funk-rock enthusiasts, around the world. And just like VULFPECK, Cory’s playing and on-stage expertise at entertainment, is fabulous.

But he also has his individual thing too.

And on ‘Juke On Jelly’, he decided on being really weird and just fabulous. It’s his thang. And we dig it, lots.

Off of his sophomore studio album ‘The Optimist’, Cory collaborates with KATIS for this single, and blows our minds with the kind of work that we come to expect from Cory, but just how cool the duo has pulled off such antics on this single. KATIS is, in her own right, a fab pop singer, based in the UK, and just like the Internet (through the Internet) they coordinated and provides us with this delectable candy-oddity.

“Hey, if you’re ever UK side again and need a vocalist, I’m your girl!”

“well, I have a track that I’m working on that I need someone to help finish…wanna take a shot at it?” and the rest is history.

“When Cory first asked me to topline, he was looking specifically for a British accent. I didn’t think I had a particularly strong singing accent but he clearly heard something and guided me towards that vocal style, which was a really interesting process. I loved the ideas he sent over and immediately warmed to Jelly. I came up with a pre chorus and hook based on the ideas he had shared and sent it over, all fingers and toes crossed! Thankfully he liked it, the flow of ideas was super strong and it was a really natural writing process.”

After that, history was made – Cory Wong history, that is.

Look at the video and the music. It’s entertainment and fun, all jumbled up in a seemingly chaotic resonance. BUT it’s not at all. It’s the dynamic assimilation of it all, within the construction that is fantastic to ‘view’ and ‘absorb’.

It’s just glorious.

So, in October, KATIS will join Cory on his maiden European tour as a guest vocalist, then recording her first full length album in the US, in December.

Happy faces all around!



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