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Cosmic Lovers Shares Single ‘She’. Love The Site Of The Double Sun Dusk.

Walking down the misty paths, of harangued trench coats, she stood there with a curious smile on her pretty little head. Her eyes set on the drama that was about to unfold, was fascination in drag, as she’d often put it. The circus like atmosphere in this common and popular destination was her playground, of sorts. She knew many who patronized the establishment. She always thought the guests were eclectic and wisely controversial.

She’d also thought she belonged in that category, as well.

It takes less than 10 minutes to get this watering hole. She was used to the setting, the convenience. She smiled, to herself, all of the time – anticipating the next moves of the humans sitting and carousing.

The demonstration of mannerisms, and self-aware royalty, spewed out from every one of the guests. And that was exactly what she was so very interested in.

They adapted to their surrounding, very quickly, and she knew she could blend in and become one of their own. She thought so, at least.

And here we are 2 years down the line, and she WAS part of the guest list. Her journal was full of observations and she couldn’t wait to publish her experience.

Every day, at the end of the day, Jolene, packed up and had to go home. It was her dreaded part of the day. She longed for the next day to come back and mingle again, for her humans were fascinating to examine. It was like they didn’t know they were on display.

The museum closes at 7pm promptly. And everyday, Jolene, love the site of the Double sun dusk, as she strolled back home.

COSMIC LOVER’s info isn’t too much available at the moment, but looking forward to more from the, as we’d suspect new and interesting work could come out soon.


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