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Cosmo Sheldrake – Mind Of Rocks

Off of his new album ‘The Much Much How How and I’, the highly entertaining and experimentalist, Cosmo Sheldrake brings us ‘Mind Of Rocks’. The vocals were additionally sprinkled with depth, by Bunty Looping. It’s an acoustically meditating experience with this song, and we kinda love it.

Cosmo is a dynamo.

His insufferable musical urges, express themselves without an iota of restraint – building blocks within a stretch of 50 feet walls, however, without bookends. He throws, from song to song, the ‘kitchen sink’ at you with an additional ‘toaster’ to boot.

All sonically, mind you.

In ‘Mind Of Rocks’, this trend continues, but with a maturity of production you’d expect from couple of years of travel.

The vocals direction from Cosmo, with Bunty is leveraged – bringing up the flavorful taste of the instrumentals of the song.

Also, the song can fit in any TV show production intro – expanding your expectations in a murder twist mystery. The character in this TV mini-series is Myra – a heavy smoking, blunt talking, bash of a detective – with a smart as a whip daughter and a heart of gold.

But the golden heart can only be found after digging through 6 feet of ‘mental sh*t’.

The murders are many. The murders are twisted. And each episode stretches Myra’s reality, and her hold on truth and justice.

What a show.

Grow with me, my darling angel.
Instantly whither, without the sun.
Drink up the water, that does not exist.
Fill those cell walls, then enjoy.

“It features the sounds of bats recorded in Panama on the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute where I spent some time with my brother Merlin, who was there conducting field work,” Sheldrake said of this song.

He continued, “It also includes some sounds of me trying to teach beat-boxing to a classroom full of six year olds! as well as a recording of a gale in Scotland.”



Form and structure, within an unbound wealth of vision into his own art.

That’s what’s fab.

Kudos, Cosmo. Kudos.

We dig his stuff very much. And we think, you should too.

At least that’s our opinion =D

He’s rep’ed by Transgressive.


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