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Cosmosapien // Yeah But No // Hoopla // davOmakesbeats // Airbas

Cosmosapien – I-40 W

Sense of euphoria comes in different ways and in different methods. For COSMOSAPIAN, one of his euphoric experiences came when a long drive through the Californian desert set a musical list of inspirations. A looping progression of vibes and feelings, ‘I-40 W’ is that wind in your hair, nothing but this moment matters, kind of journey. We all have those moments, when the chaos within our heads just, somehow, subside without a care. A moment of relaxation that makes the gray world, a bit more colorful, once more. A moment in tune with your ‘self’ once more, revealing the real you, from the layers of drudgery of just ‘living’.

Yeah But No – I Don’t Want To Know

There are times when listening to a song that it traverses multiple genres and you just don’t know where to put it. In YEAH BUT NO’s case, with ‘I Don’t Want To Know’, the lyrical vibrancy is seemlessly intertwined within the composition, that it deserves a grander announcement. The experimental electronica project is a single of utter poignancy and it rises to an occasion of rhythmic empathy and luscious decadence. The ambience is evident, just enough to cover the dark undertone of the brooding remark, and from that combination, it delivers with palpable extravagance.

Hoopla – Bye For Now (Breakbeat Re-rub)

“Fat, dirty bass sequences, and garage-grunge techno beats.” A cluster of ambitions that HOOPLA comes with flying colors in ‘Bye For Now’. And in this re-mix, the vibin’ tones mix into the walls of reality, as the other dimensions scurry slowly into hiding and peek out from their burrows. The journey begins. And as the spaceship of your mind energizes into hyperdrive, you chill with a scone in one hand and the future in the other. You got this. It’s not good-bye. It’s only started to become interesting.

davOmakesbeats – Bodies of Water

Party purveyor, dynamic community organizer, record label owner, beat maker – davO is many things in one. But one thing never defines his work nor his outlook. Well, at least that’s what we feel part of his make up is. Appreciating well characterized and scored compositions, like ‘Bodies Of Water’, is easy to consume and affectionately caress. From the ol’ school house frame to the ultra hip drum & bass atmospherics, ‘Bodies Of Water’ continues to deliver in the aspect of davO, from soup to nuts. Understated but highly luminescent, the single keeps it real for your senses to dig. Dig they will.

Airbas feat. Maria Angeli

NuDisco / chill vibe is what AIRBAS’ latest single ‘Take Me Back’ is all about. A collage of positive longings and feelings, decorate the lyrics and walls of this gentle sweep of audible waves. With vocalist Maria Angeli’s very creamy vocals in tow, the overall production exudes a profound up-tick of goodness and energy. A surge of feelings that make us want to do better, is in the supplements of this single. Like a warm afternoon ray of sunshine upon your body, warming up your every cell, recharging for the next installment of stress to come. A radiant viscosity in delight reveals itself.


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