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Couldn’t Be Happiers Share Single ‘Mad’.

COULDN’T BE HAPPIERS is a duo of Jodi Hildebran (vocals, drums, harmonica, and guitar) and Jordan Crosby Lee (vocals and guitar). The band was born in mid-2017 and has been doing their thang to make it their own. In all intents and purposes, this adorable real-life couple are entertainers in a live setting. Although we’d never seen them in front of their crowd, we’re pretty sure that’s the case.

And why do we mention that? Because in a style that they present in this particular single ‘Mad’, and their other singles, translations of the feelings and emotions need to be done live. Studio publications are a great way to go, as well, but we encourage you to seek the duo out in a live setting (heck, in folk & country, there’s nothing like listening in a life ‘festival’ setting for sure).

Anywho, in ‘Mad’ the cajon, roots situation for the single comes to the fore. It’s a hard style to pull off. But the duo seems to be doing just fine and dandy. The song is a good intro to the band and their calendar of events.

Go out there and mosey!

Their next large event participation will be @ Front Porch Fest 10 in Stuart, Virginia. The festival starts on Aug 30th to Sept 2nd. Should be a great ol’ time for all.



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