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COULOU // Petrie // Massie Dome // Jordan Higo // Declan Carrier

COULOU – Mr. Nobody

Coming out of left field, this single named ‘Mr. Nobody’ from the artist COULOU came and conquered our dancing little inhibitions. The take over was complete as the phalanx of the bopping beats and malaise of the chill vocals, left scratching our head on what just happened. “I played all the instruments you hear in this song,” said COULOU. “And a goal of mine was to create a sense of organized chaos at the peak of the music, to convey the emotions and meanings of the lyrics through the sounds.” And to that fact we dig that explanation. For, the boppin’ still goes on, as the day turns into the weekend. It’s the cycle of textures that ‘Mr. Nobody’ brings, just enough to tantalize and make your daily life melt away for a small moment. Kudos.

Petrie – Too Damn Busy

There’s so much gush that comes out from us for the songs that PETRIE produces. With their debut EP ‘Self Destruct’ in the market, the psychologically profound lyrics of PETRIE continues to shine in ‘Too Damn Busy’ with consistent, top-shelf quality. “After weeks of crying to Chet Baker’s recording of “I Get Along Without You Very Well”, we felt it was only appropriate to update the gentle ballad of white lies and reimagine it as a chaotic and delusional torch song for two thousand and nineteen. We took our barely-bottled emotions…” stated PETRIE. Like their past single releases, being enamored by the glitz of PETRIE is so dang easy. Ripe chords, synth love, and irrepressible humor and irony, makes PETRIE one of the best of 2018.

Massie Dome – u.f.o ghost rides

MASSIE DOME is a 22 year old producer from Montreal Canada doing her best to grind out life, with maximum hydration retention. And from the looks of it in ‘u.f.o Ghost Rides’, she’s doing a heck of a job. “u.f.o ghost rides is a smooth alien space trip” she stated. The single is off of her latest EP ‘Mind Like Water’ and just like your head in liquid, the beams of sounds muffle onto the glassy sumptuousness the inhibiting waves. Depicting colors of downgraded summations, the textures remain, to remind you that Massie Dome is here.

Jordan Higo – Less

Off of the upcoming debut EP ‘Woman’, JORDAN HIGO brings the ol’ school r&b fire in single ‘Less’. “I put a lot of myself into Less” explains Jordan. “It’s a follow up to my previous single Lock & Load, in which I explored my struggle with vulnerability and letting people in. I know myself how it feels to be the person that’s ‘always happy’, ‘always of good spirit’, even when inside, you’re really not.” Classic and genuine, the lyrics just flow effortlessly, effecting our consciousness with beautifully strung chords and inviting vocals. ‘Less’ is a glimpse of what it was, and could be – once more.

Declan Carrier – Saving All My Love

London based Aussie, Declan Carrier, is your person to seek if you want to dance. To dance like a ‘love sick fool’ is what we need to do, if we feel like just shouting out loud. For the love of your life; for a life of excitement into the future. With disco hypnotics and purposeful allocutions in decadence, Declan pieces together the best what songs should do. The infectious hooks and soaringly scintillating vocals, makes you want to just swoon on the arms of the one you love. Perfect for any occasion. Perfect for your occasion.


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