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County Line Runner Shares Single ‘Hard To Find’. Glorious Americana-Folk.

COUNTY LINE RUNNER reminds us of the vanilla skies of Monet paintings. It’s eclectic, relaxing, and haunting at the same time. Especially in this single ‘Hard To Find’, the message is for ‘betterment’ and ‘moving forward’ – in self, in confidence, learning from the past, etc. But the presentation of the song, with the enigmatic guitar work, topped by lovely Americana/folk extremities, heightening Adam Day’s rapturous vocals.

It’s a dream like song.

The end result of the ‘journey’ could be tragic.

There probably will not be a 100% ‘happy’ result for the protagonist in the song.

That’s the thing that makes it compelling, right?

This world we live in, is complex, and many times, the end result isn’t always 100% to your satisfaction.

We all make ‘due’.

Adam Day has been doing his thing for a long while and his combination of lyrics and vocals take us in different places in our minds.

“Hard To Find is about talking someone around. When there seems no way forward. They’ve hit that turning point in the road. It’s when they’re forced to go in a different direction” – Day

County Line Runner consists of Adam Day and Sam Baldwin.

Kudos, guys, kudos.



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