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COUNTY LINE RUNNER Shares Single ‘Wide Eyes’. “Let’s Not Find Comfort In The Pain Of Staying Still.”

COUNTY LINE RUNNER returns with single ‘Wide Eyes’, which brings a slightly faster paced outlook but with the same vigilance of rhythm and folk sensibilities as the last time we’d reviewed ‘Hard To Find’.

Adam Day is COUNTY LINE RUNNER and as he beautifully does, brings together the essence of Bruce Springsteen’s and Bob Dylan’s rippling calmness to his singles. As mentioned Adam puts a fine tune and weight into the nuances of his regulations, and just like ‘Hard To Find’ versus ‘Wide Eyes’, the contrasts make the sonic experience deeper and ultimately, more enjoyable.

We’re lost sometimes.

We get confused about where we belong.

So we freeze in one footprint. Afraid to move. Afraid to expand.

For we might get hurt, even more, if we do.

But what’s to be lost from trying to move forward? What is to be lost, where you have nothing here, any longer?

Let’s not find comfort in the pain of staying still.

‘Wide Eyes’ is another fab song from Adam.

Kudos, all around. Simply.



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