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courtship. – Guy Stuff

Funny, charming, innocent, dedicated – courtship.’s single ‘Guy Stuff’ is one of those songs that, no matter what the timeframe, it radiates with sunshine. Punchy 70’s like piano is a delight of flowery delight, as the bass guitar licks keep our sentiments for the good-ol-days a ‘thing’ for the moment. As like in a time travel machine, we’re offered a song that is of Billy Joel and TV series like Bosom Buddies. Scheananigans and highfalutin fun-ness ensues with every quality vocal offering of ‘Guy Stuff’. Modern, though of a past, the song encapsulates all of the best in music making.

Josh Savage – Citizen Of The World

Self released artist JOSH SAVAGE is a success from the get-go. BBC, to all representation of news outlets, the pop-folk musician writes his songs with the gravitas that is endearing. The quoted “most promising new young artist to emerge in Winchester in years” has done his job of reaching across every aisle to connect with his fans, one living room at a time. Playing with bands like Razorlight, Rizzle Kicks, Reverend and the Makers, Roll Deep, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, John Hiatt, Catfish & The Bottlemen & Ward Thomas – the artist that could, is here and always willing to please with his music. Look out for his latest music video for ‘Skinny Dipping’, as well.

The Modern World – Too Close

London based singer-songwriter The Modern World returns with ‘Too Close’. THE MODERN WORLD is Oli James and from the time he was 10 years old, he’d written songs. When we listen to Oli’s voice, through the rain soaked window panes of his lyrics, we hear a glimpse of Annie Lennox’s gumption and thrust. A ‘gumption and thrust’, whether man or woman, is a quality that is solely indicative of so few. And that says something about Oli and his project, for damn sure.

Stranger Things – Say Something

We’d been enamored by Sweden based STRANGER THINGS from the get go. We said: “Gabriel Wingard and Anna Falk makes up this indie-folk/Americana project and within the songs, the ‘wholesome’ reverence sings and never dilutes. With heartfelt views and thoughts on relationship pretenses, the duo immaculately delivers with both hindsight and forethought.” Anna’s vocals is gentle, and forgiving, as it travels through with energetic folk vibes and Gabriel’s arrangement. Their debut EP ‘Where You Go’ had been released in 2012. The duo is a charmer of a combo, and the songs they produce radiate such goodness. ‘Say Something’ is another single that follows the 2018 released EP ‘Gravity’.

Tash – Dreaming

TASH is an Australian Born, Singer/Songwriter/Musician. Discovered by Mark J. Feist: ““Tash is one of the most amazing Singer/Songwriters I have ever come across and is the type of artist that only comes around once in a generation, the fact that she has so much to say and can then sing it with so much emotion and conviction makes her a real voice for her generation. The connection she makes with anyone who listens to her music is truly a unique experience.” TASH is 17 years old, and the sky’s the limit.


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