Cousin Kula ‘McLovin’ You’ : Psychedelics, mutually dynamic in its mellow and beautifully content excitement.

Cousin Kula

Cousin Kula’s ‘McLovin’ You’ is as distinctive as the most fervent of your dream. Flowing and jazzy, at the most largest of cusps – a talent in folds comes about with the virulent warmth you can hope for.

‘McLovin’ You’ is the second single from Cousin Kula’s upcoming self-produced EP ‘The Casa Kula Cassette’.

The refreshing sounds of the Bristol based band relaxes with its own brand of psychedelics, mutually dynamic in its mellow and beautifully content excitement.

Elliott Ellison explains “‘McLovin You’ kind of signifies a shift towards writing more soul influenced tunes. Just enjoying the simplicity of songs as they present themselves, not fucking with them too much, and not trying to smear lyrics with too much weirdness, it felt okay and actually liberating to just write lyrics that just lay naked and obvious. ‘I’ll never forget loving you’. The tune serves as a farewell to the biggest love of my life, but not a goodbye forever thing, just like a – I’ll always love you kinda thing.”

Loving is loving with the best of intensions, in degrees. Magnified at one turn, and just not enough at others.

‘McLovin’ You’ is that indisputable, explained in Cousin Kula’s unique vapors.

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So during lockdown we recorded a bunch of material, old and new, all at home. This was just something fun to pass the time and share with y'all while the next chapter simmers away. However, upon reflection we realised that the body of work produced in these lockdown sessions was a record within its own right, with its own charm, and deserved its own stage. So we've decided to make an official release – 'Casa Kula Cassette'. You can enjoy the first of this selection of home recordings today, a new song 'Morning Dew, With You'. We hope you'll agree that these tunes, made all within our own home, using only our own recording equipment and brains, show a different more personal flavour to our sonic world. (Link in bio!) Enjoy, ck xx

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