Cousin Mouth ‘New Memories’ : Culminates in a turn into a corner of vexing horror in beauty and form.

Cousin Mouth

Wanting and warranted, Cousin Mouth’s mystic touch of indie/r&b vision in ‘New Memories’ is a rapture in sound and atmospherics.

A turbulence of reverberations and feelings within, the intimacy is tightly wound into a ball of urgency and hypnotic resoluteness. An enchanting journey into a crystal forge of experiences, dashing into a foray or nonchalant formalities.

A storybook tell-all, ‘New Memories’ delight with an incantation of benign malice towards our superficial and often in-depth secrecies.

The introspective music video is this psychedelic track’s encouragement to “listeners to come to terms with their past lives to live peacefully in the present.”

brainchild of songwriter and producer Alex Burns, along with producer Lex (Donald Lee Roland II), launched their debut album ‘Medusa’ in 2018.

Brimming with colors and anticipatory vibrance, each word and lyric, culminates in a turn into a corner of vexing horror in beauty and form.


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