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Covey // Bad Animal // Chase Potter // Waterstrider // Unkenny Valleys

Covey – Gecko

Tom Freeman is the man behind the folk-rock project COVEY. Pretending to be this, pretending to be that, life gives much of a mysterious mix of choices that sometimes don’t seem to lead to anything productive. At least for what you’d always thought was being productive. After all, living a productive life is a ways and means defining what that term really entails. Someone else’s meaning is quite different from your own. And there, in that gray area, where the clarity doesn’t exceed the bridged vapors, is where COVEY lies. The raw acoustic in ‘Gecko’ belies little to the imagination as the sullen and vapid intricacies of life, just linger like a swamp mist on a quiet early morning. But her gaze changed it all, giving another perspective of that personal definition of ‘this’ and of ‘that’. Let’s find out.

Bad Animal – Oh No

Off of their new album ‘Growing Pains’ (April 26), the raucous and tattle-tale emphasis from the bare guitar riffs takes you to town, with red painted all around. Yes. You. Her. Hand in hand. Nothing is off limits tonight. You want it all. You want her. She wants you. In time. Let the games begin. And when ‘Oh No’ takes that razor of sharp tongued lyrics, delivered with punk rock goodness, fakes out your mask for proper decorum, and immediately become free. Free from the tribulations of life, from desires, from the guilt of having those desires. Let the rockin’ begin. The Calgary based 5 piece with the Brit-rock aesthetics slaps you hard. Which kind of cheeks, is totally up to you.

Chase Potter – Sheep

There is a legend that CHASE POTTER started his music career as a 5 year old on the violin. We weren’t there to see that take place. But from circumstantial evidence and witness of him taking up that instrument, we accept that premise. Also, we accept that, maybe because of his unique take on taking on an instrument of classic attire, his look into contemporary arrangement and sensibilities towards indie-pop and rock makes us wholly happier to live in this commercial Universe. ‘Sheep’ is one of his singles that transcend – from consciousness and venerable collection of whims that vapor into atmospheres of ‘gladness’ and ‘ecstasy’. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to the build – listen to the guitar solo – it beckons you to summon the dark lords of 60’s psyche southern-rock and heaves the chest to making love with waves of sonic prevalence. There is a legend that Chase lies within the sliver between the golden ratio. He’s waiting for you there.

Waterstrider – Breed

The gentle breeze of WATERSTRIDER’s single ‘Breed’ is an open invitation to another world of relevance. Nathan Salman is the heart behind this project and when his falsetto vocals hit the ceiling with gentle aptitudes for platitudes, the galaxy cracks open with understanding and palpitating resonance. Your only thought while listening is to ‘wish for something greater’ for the artist and for the premise of the song. It’s that ingratiating feeling of empathy that wells up within, than slowly surge down the dam of ripe memories and accumulated regrets. We want Nathan to get there. We want to hold his hand across that line. The line held inside by shackles of the unknown and frustrating anomalies. Off of the EP ‘Way Out’, Nathan stated of ‘Breed’: “I wanted Way Out to sound like a futuristic relic.” And just like relics of past customs, ‘Breed’ comes to life with positivity even through its forest of under-truths and obstacles. Nathan channels his emotions into his music. He’s dedicated to do so. And ‘Breed’ is another page in the artist’s interesting evolution.

Unkenny Valleys – Oneironaut

Kenneth Estrada y Santiago is the purveyor of decadence with his project UNKENNY VALLEYS. The Germany based singer/songwriter multi-instrumentarlist and lyricist deplores in confinement to delve excessively into the world of psychologically altruistic premises and barbed conversations. The noise-pop electronica and shoegaze deliverer, takes on the caste of what notes could be and become. ‘Oneironaut’ is exactly that kind of example, where the thirst for fight and energetic rambling of a heart, never deviates of truth, for it isn’t ashamed of revealing which is within skin-deep. The intention of Kenneth’s single is to combine a new phrase in nutrition, by mixing “shoegaze and modern pop music” sensibilities. Contemporary, modern, frenetic – just like most of us are. Look for more as UNKENNY VALLEYS will drop the next single ‘She Saves Me Again’ on April 19th.


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