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Covey Shares ‘Dog & Bone’. “Only the blinking stars are here with you now.”

COVEY is made up of a soul who loves his craft. Tom Freeman’s vision of this work in progress defines a British originating multi-instrumentalist and vocalist into a framing of stories that dignify replies and never says “I’m sorry” to what the words explained.

This folk rock project insinuates a time where it’s cool to be hip, and the hip never orders any ‘sex-on-the-beach’. There’s no pretense or pretending to the weather beaten hymns that tatter the age old sayings of a far off distant galaxy in Tom’s work.

‘Dog & Bone’ cites and continues this rendition for a gravitationally challenged imagination that has been cultivated through a decade of songwriting. With the grandeur of punk-rock, threaded between the rapture of a folk poet, the artist with influences from Neutral Milk Hotel, Nick Drake, and Blink-182, entangle with the stars, like you do at night on top of the cooling hood of the car. The sky, as you gaze, envelopes you in a black-blue-ish curtain, cutting the slivers of consciousness which fades from the edges of your vision.

Only the blinking stars are here with you now.

Just like COVEY’s words do.

Raw and mystical, the music of COVEY prescribes and creates a magical place that shimmers, but verifies with love and angst.

COVEY’s sophomore album ‘Some Cats Live, Some Cats Die’ drops May 23rd.



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