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Cowboy Grizzly – Take it Slow

This is the title track from my newest EP, Take it Slow! Fun, psychedelic indie rock tune that grooves. Stated Cowboy Grizzly: “I wrote this song about moving too fast in a relationship, and how rushing things can eventually lead to ruining something that was initially very exciting. This song is a reminder to myself to take it slow in regards to romantic love, I think that lasting love is a slow burn, if you move too fast, the flame might just go out!” Grant McMahan is Cowboy Brizzly. He and his intentions, deck out in chaps and make your listening ‘hums’, delicately poignant and assured in fascinations. ‘Take It Slow’ brings a wavy Americana, to the edges of psychedelic rock, with aplomb credentials and rascally tongue-in-cheek twinkles. Grant is based out of Austin. He describes himself, in part, as a goofy conundrum. It’s a good thang for the Universe, eh?

Evan Melada – X-Rated Movie Star

Moving in its own haste, Evan Melada’s single ‘X-Rated Movie Star’ is a calmingly twisted resistance of gorged emotions and haptic love wrangling. A vision for imagination, perpetrated by the unrelenting external forces, a mind and heart diabolically transforms within its own betrayal. A metamorphosis of self destitution and umbilically attached personal inhibitions, calculate with unassuming rancor and ultimatums. The indie-rock and niche offering, is catchy with hooky emblems to show off its cosmic pedigree. It’s a song that is an acquired taste, of sorts. But just like art should be, that taste will linger, pointing to questions that only will peek from the corner, after you’d already gone. To stay is to leave. To leave is at your detriment. Kudos. This song is the second single off of the ‘Dark Disco’ EP. Said Evan: “[‘X-Rated Movie Star’] is an energetic, dark, sad, and sexy song about prior wild times in Las Vegas.” Nuff said.

Iwan Gronow – Second Guess

“We live in a world controlled by content, media and data. It seems we never truly know the truth and are always second-guessing ourselves. Sometimes we second guess for too long, ‘we second-guessed a second long’ which leads to a ‘breathless feeling’ then, in turn, a ‘restless being before long’. It’s about paranoia and feeling unsettled. I wanted this track to be more modern and have more synths to represent the lyrical content. I also wanted it to slow down and pick up in the way our minds do ‘all your ducks in line’ ‘all the jumps in mind’ little things our minds do to try and get things in order and to feel grounded and settled…” No outside oblivions can get him down. And as the days become night, Iwan’s vibe grows stronger and stronger – with destitute glimpses, charging urges of creativity for a different angle of what he can be. The gliding thump of ‘Second Guess’ delights in its fusion of nostalgia and modernity in synth. A member of Johnny Marr’s band since 2013, Iwan has toured the world and played many festivals including Glastonbury, Coachella and Fuji Rock; also appearing on programs such as Later with Jools Holland and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Evening Empire – Spring

We’d called Evening Empire (Alexander Frizzera): “…fabulous rock-pop offering, golden with tastes of Dire Straits and Fleetwood Mac… lyrics that are the core star… the shining pillars of thought and massive emotional attribution, is built in deep … delicate and delicious entree of beautiful chords, and humane outcrops in radiant gazes.” In his latest song and music video for ‘Spring’, the artist continues his drive towards something bigger and more fascinating than our mortal ears/eyes can comprehend. “Long ago before time the tin men and women lived happy lives in a perfect tin world. One day the gods, jealous of their love, decided to separate man and woman casting them on opposite sides of the world. From that day The Tin Men roam alone in search of his missing hearts.” That’s what Evening Empire is, and has been for Alexander. The coaxing of emotional aromas, drench his body of work, where we can let our hair down amongst the hedges of delicate flowers and strung vibes of guitar-ed hesitance. That trepidation to ‘become’, comes closer with Evening Empire. It feeds you, with the nourishment you’d desire.

Nervcast – Two Weeks

‘Two Weeks’ is the new title single from Nervcast’s EP. And the song from the Canadian rock band, is sneaky damn good. With all of the right hard/hair rock elements, and a wicked vocal attention, the song ‘Two Weeks’ is a song with Anthrax tongue-in-cheek vibes with the aggressive mercantilism of efficient instruments, tightly wound and ready to roll over your soul. Following up their debut EP ‘Locked And Loaded’ (October 2017), the Toronto based rockers, have the ingredients that makes them a certain live pleasure. They spent a year and a half writing new material and playing live, with some of the highlights being the Toronto Heavy Metal boat cruise, opening for the Killer Dwarfs, and opening for Warrior Soul. Built around the musical talents of members: Everett Mason, Galen Weir, Kevin Daliri, and Matt Humphreys, the emphatic rise of their body of work is clearly indicated in ‘Two Weeks’. The bold and apropos assumptions of their arrangement, dictate with the beating heart of a lion. The video was directed by Aaron Alter.


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