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Sebastian Oswell

Cowboy Killer – Off My Feet

COWBOY KILLER stated that ‘Off My Feet’ is “a song about how my lovely lady swept me right off my feet, and showed me a better life.” When we hear sentiments on such a construction exercise, our hearts wrench with emotional clamor and respect towards the artist’s ambitions. Don’t we all? Especially that when a gal sweeps a boy off into love-land, we just want to have the same kind of delicious experience, as well. Jealousy? Yes. Because love, no matter the gender, deep inside, we all want the same thing. A warm support of caress and dedication for each other. Love is love, and no matter how you dice it, it is something of a gift of ecstasy that speaks Universally. We think COWBY KILLER’s single sends that honest and layman dedication to that exact fever. Connor is the artist, and he’s in love. He wrote a song about it for us to feel.

Karl Jakob – Madame Bovary

KARL JAKOB is one of our fave artists. He is odd, as well. But in a good way. His experimental mindset is throughout his list of singles. He delves into his own limitations, expands into worlds of sounds with different tacks for communication, and utilizes multiple genres of scale to tackle the thoughts that goes through his mind. Talent is a given, but the lyrical acumen multiplies his outputs with extra accent and shine. ‘Madame Bovary’ is one demonstration of such musical dialect. Look into more about his prior singles, as his views on what music can achieve might be right up your alley. Karl stated: “Originally made to celebrate the 160-year anniversary of Gustave Flaubert’s masterpiece with the same name, the song offers a melodious and bittersweet journey through the fantastic mind of Emma Bovary.” This single is part of his debut EP ‘Pippi’.

Surfin’ Charlie – Beggars & Buskers

Frontman Julius Mann explained: “The music doesn’t always need to reflect the words. It’s rather a sort of ‘stand up and scream to the lyrics on the dance floor’-depression”. Agreed. And in ‘Beggars & Buskers’ that is what’s exactly being accomplished. With rousing pace and punk driven power chords, the party single is what you’d been waiting for in this hectic world. Let it loose! “We’re gonna keep playing our guitars no matter what’s up with the charts. It’s in our bloodstream, in our minds and hearts. It’s been like that since the very start”. The fiercely independent and ambitious outfit will release their album ‘Loose Ends’. “Punked-out” as they’d put it, this single is a live show excellence you can feel through the speakers. And that just makes you want to mosh a bit.

Ed Hawke – In The Air ft. Juliet Mary

Relationships, heartbreak, loss, and the crossing rivers between feelings of compassion and empathy – that’s where ED HAWKE’s sensibilities lie. Lying on the green grass of that shimmering knoll, ‘In The Air’ is an expanse of sounds which unlocks your trepidations for the world. It lets you enter this time and space, with better acceptance and passion. Ed has a will to pour his emotions down on paper and on to waves in personal revelations – a search for that one feeling of ‘happiness’ in the worlds to come. The journey of self discovery continues with Ed. And we feel Ed has a lot more to say about his surroundings and their relationship with his own passions, for the contrasts and connections, make his lyrics anchor with such heft and relevance. Look forward to more.

Shahrae – Forget To Forget Me

SHAHRAE is an alt-pop artist and she knows what to do, or how to turn your downtrodden days into glorious ones. Though edged with melancholy and descriptions of the dark and gray, ‘Forget To Forget me’ is a decadent call to arms. Combining elements of pop and r&b, the slight draft back into 90’s pop chords, drive you up the wall with chorus that just shines. Not yet out of her teens, Shahrae is a beautiful talent of music and sentiments, all wrapped up in a ball, waiting to be unwound. Beautifully crafted vocal attentions, are as comfortable busking and in live sessions, as she is in a recording studio. The Adelaide Australia based artist, truly has a set vision and providence about her.


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