cowgirl bebop ‘Benzo Hotel’ : A relevance of note, that distills into a purified salutation.

cowgirl bebop

Suki Kwan formerly of Second Still, comes at you and all of us with her newest project, cowgirl bebop. And within it, a blooming cast of significance, rises up from its core, to reveal a universal decadence named ‘Benzo Hotel’.

A cosmic inheritance, is just a shame. For when Suki shimmers in her vocal beauty, you’re sullen into a transcendental patronage, draped in cold water and dowsed with an effervescence, just under the profound. A relevance of note, that distills into a purified salutation, strokes your ego and brings you back to the place you’d been acquainted.

It’s where ‘Benzo Hotel’ lives. It’s here Suki, delivers. It’s where the new, explodes in anger and tamped down by exultancy.

“An invitation to a reality tv show on planet earth. She’s staying at the Benzo Hotel.”


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