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Coyle Girelli Shares ‘Never Thought I’d See You Again’. But She Was There.

I walked and walked through the wilderness of my mind. It was a long and arduous process of self-reflection. There wasn’t too much to look at, and that depressed me like nothing else. ‘Was I this empty?’ Maybe ‘yes’ was the answer.

While walking into the middle of the desert of my mind, I saw her. Her ginger hair and the sweetness of her face, calmed me. Where she came from, I never found out.

But she was there.

Just like someone had made her just for me.

I followed her and walked through the return to the wilderness. It wasn’t as hard as it used to be. I felt my ‘bottled up’ heart, filling with the goodness of ‘her’. ‘Was I this empty?’ – the question no longer applied.

COYLE GIRELLI has this Roy Orbison-esque grand-entrance, thunder-roll, music-with-such-feeling, down pat. What an emotional ride this style of music can and always will be. And we thank Coyle for keeping it moving forward.

‘Never Thought I’d See You Again’ is a simple cry for love and it’s affectionate extremities. You, me, her, him, we all desire the touch of a loved one. We want it everyday.

Don’t let go.

On August 29th he plays @ C’mon Everybody (Brooklyn, NYC) with Sheare and Livia Blanc.



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