Coyote Grooves ‘Fools (Gold)’ : “Heart and organic in a world that has become anything but.”

Coyote Grooves

“This is track 3 in the story of “Heading West: An American Oddity” where the main character begins to hit towards what can only be described as a philosophic revelation in the deepest depths of his journey only to be almost immediately corrupted by the illustrious shine of gold on the horizon sending him deep into the debauchery and greed catered by his new found wealth.”

Atlanta based Soul-Rock-Solo-Artist, Coyote Grooves, is emerging from his years of musical isolation into the mainstream with intense vibrancy and originality. Drawing from the sounds of the 70’s, having been influenced heavily by artists like Elton John, Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd, Coyote Grooves is demonstrating his own signature sound with authenticity and realism to a new degree.

Added CG: “This is as much a journey for me as it is for the listener. I’m learning how to record, play and produce as I go, with little outside input. I wanted to keep this as pure to heart and organic in a world that has become anything but.”


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