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THE 8IGHT ~ Tid-Bits about CRATER + ‘Unearth’

“We both had fallen out of love, were trying to identify the differences between loneliness and solitude, while simultaneously dealing with family illness, and then the election happened”

Crater is a Seattle-based electro-pop duo consisting of Ceci Gomez and Kessiah Gordon.The band’s follow up, titled Unearth, which will be released on January 12th, 2018, incorporates similar themes drawn from their first record but makes a deliberate shift in production; the songs touch on love, loss, and total disillusionment, but rather than hiding these ideas behind a cacophony of layered samples and synthesizers, Crater sheds itself of any unnecessary weight in hopes of being more direct. Unearth poises itself as a pop record while occasionally nodding at the duo’s more experimental cravings.


The 8ight is our little contribution to getting to know bit more about the bands who we care and write about. It’s an education for us at CHF, and for (maybe) for you fans out there. No earthquaking ‘scoops’ here, but a friendly rap session.Oh and why ‘8’? Well, it’s just between 5 and 10, tis all. It’s about curiosity, and maybe it’s our little way of expressing respect for the bands, and how they carry out their craft.

(Fact 1)
The FADER was high on ‘Unearth’
“Written last year, ‘Unearth’ echoes the current tone of American and global politics,” the band wrote in an email. “Backed by a constant slithering arp, Ceci sings slowly but urgently, almost defeated but firm in her message: If we do nothing and remain passive, if we continue in the ways we have been, rest assured everything we know will soon turn to waste.”

(Fact 2)
Their sartorial sensibilities are fab. We’re hoping Cher replied.

(Fact 3)
They sell T-Shirts. We’re glad because this is the only place one can buy a Crater shirt.

(Fact 4)
Again, the fashion sense is fabulous (a la Juicy Couture). And we so love it.

(Fact 5)
We also recommend Suntory High Ball, in a can. We’re fans.

(Fact 6)
We agree. Crater IS lifestyle.

(Fact 7)
They’re big fans of ‘you know which’ TV series…

(Fact 8)
They’re from Seattle and looking to take over the world. Kudos gals!


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