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Crayon Shares ‘Pink ft. Lossapardo’. Escape With Them, Just For A Little Bit.

Off of the EP ‘Post Blue’, ‘Pink ft. Lossapardo’ is a monument in time, of a person in ecstacy and in self induced pronouncement to the Universality of her self, and awareness.

Comfort in discomfort, and the section of the footprint in life, where that same comfort can be found, again and again – it’s something we want, desire.

It’s uncertain we can get there. It’s uncertain she can get there. It’s the fantasy, and the spectacle that marks her (our) face with the grin of satisfaction. No matter what criticism; no matter what the expectations, it is our safe space.

The paradox of layers, heavy with burden, but light without the gravitational self-destruction – it is manageable, and you become insulated.

She’s insulated.

We become insulated.

CRAYON bring the kind of existential art pieces with thought provoking knives, gently presented, with a side of whiskey. And it’s that sharp thrust of reality within fantasy, that gets to us.

Creativity is essential in un-flapping the irresponsible banal. The instrument of CRAYON is one of those mechanisms, honed for introspection and emotional solidarity.

Escape with CRAYON. Just for a little bit.



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