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Creature Canyon Shares ‘Did You Want That’. Title Single Off Of Upcoming EP (October 19th).

Creature Canyon is Austin Steele, Ryan Amyot, and Kyle Victoria. The guys are very cool in music and presentation, throughout. Polished and rockin’ as can be in the genre they occupy. The near falcetto-like vocals with the precise instrumental progressions make it a delight to listen to.

You can’t help it.

Yes. Kinda like the early Maroon5 style, but to be honest – we think CC is way better than that. CC has the kind of mature aesthetics that we sometimes hunger for in an indie-pop-rock band. Also, the ‘Brooklyn rock’ feel is there in the mix, which is so welcomed.

Ultimately, CC is a band that is so much fun, and easy to support, that we don’t know what to do with ourselves.

Well, we know what we did with ourselves (i.e. listened to music, and wrote…) but you all know what we mean.

No matter what genre you are prone to gather around, CREATURE CANYON’s ‘Did You Want That’ is a cool edition for your music rotation. It goes with everything that you think you would do on a day to day basis.

It motivates you with positivity.

It motivates you with awesome lyrics.

It motivates you with fabulous pop hooks.

Then, BAM, you are dancing at your kitchen making macaroni dinner for your (more deserving) friends.

At least you try.

Anywho, take a listen at this groove-tastic single and determine for yourself.

We think you’ll agree that it’s the bees-knees.

CREATURE CANYON will drop a new EP ‘Did You Want That’, on October 19th.



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