Creature Comfort ‘Arcade Fire’ : Surging and waning; recuperating and making conquests – all along the way.

Creature Comfort

“I value the truth a lot and I was trying to channel how he must be feeling,” Jessey Clark of Creature Comfort said. “These kinds of situations can make you wonder… who’s telling the truth? Whose side of the story is closest to reality?”

The song’s title was decided after the famed Canadian rock band Arcade Fire unexpectedly released a song called “Creature Comfort” on the same day Clark and his bandmates performed at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in 2017. That chain of events inspired the band to cheekily tip their hat to their fellow rockers in the best way they know how – through their music. The track was penned by lead vocalist and guitarist Jessey Clark, who cites the two-sided dialogue that emerged after the crumbling of a friend’s marriage as his lyrical inspiration.

Auspicious and delicate, the strumming vision of ‘Arcade Fire’ is a single’s awareness of its eco-system. An environment that is accepting of the plight that all bands and artist endure, but celebrating the nuance and fun that brings such joy to their professional existence.

A moment by moment, encounter of different stratum of life – surging and waning; recuperating and making conquests – all along the way.

Jessey Clark, Cole Bearden, Taylor Cole, Charlie Hickerson and Alex Robinson bring the efforts of Creature Comfort to life.


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