Creature Fear ‘Barely Alive’ : The most exciting and joyous time of your life.

Creature Fear

‘Barely Alive’ is a melodramatic expression of the highs and lows you go through as a young adult. The juxtaposition of it being such an exciting and joyous time of your life whilst also stressful and depressing. Your outlook can go from extreme joy one week, to pessimism with everything completely combusting around you the next.

Showing no signs of slowing down, the band are set to kick 2020 off in style with brand new hip-shaker ‘Barely Alive’.

Creature Fear brings their signature brand of bright rock in this righteous and confident belter. A staple in their live show, and an out and out fan favorite, ‘Barely Alive’ is positioned to continue where previous single ‘Makeup’ left off – a bright, colorful & irresistibly danceable bop which perfectly encapsulates the bands on-stage liveliness into a radio-friendly ball of energy.

Cameron Graham, Jacqui Lumsden, Jason Mercieca, Larni Pearce and Jack Stephens drive the fun and action of this groovin’ rock festival of goodness.


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