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Creature Fear – Makeup

When will it come. When will that time to be really become the person you’d wanted to be, arrive? ‘Makeup’ is about the time when all inhibitions are dropped and freedom is upheld for the self. No matter what the experience, or back ground, when there’s a gut feeling of being isolated and suppressed, isn’t enough any longer, you act and a decision is made. Consisting of: Cameron Graham, Jacqui Lumsden, Jason Mercieca, Larni Pearce, and Jack Stephens, CREATURE FEAR is a Melbourne based band of artist, their theatrical nature, excitingly throw their live show audiences for the loop they’d come for. ‘Makeup’ is that spasm of excitement in encouragement and courage.

Kinolectro – Hey Eve

“‘Hey Eve’ is a song off Kinolectro’s album ‘Classic Kino Style’. The song is a new-wavey/gothic song centered around the story of Adam & Eve. That’s what you hear and your eyes widen. KINOLECTRO makes you transform into another kind of animal. And it’s okay to do so. You have permission to do exactly that. The Hollywood California based band is the combination of art-tastic and musically gifted duos of Dakota Blue and Jenny Nirgends. An operatic story telling vibe that takes you on a journey of discovery, as always, the duo clings to an understated artillery of sounds – muted, dark, unconventional. Adam & Eve could use some pointers from Kinolectro.

Karl Jakob – My love belongs to everyone

Always surprising, and always distinctive, KARL JAKOB takes a more conventional, but none the less, exciting pop direction in this alternative experience of sounds. The electro vibes sharpen with the customary lyrical visions of the talented Karl’s brain. The emotional convulsions come out of a bubble of dissemination and unfathomable story telling. The husk of humanity retains in Karl’s works, whatever styles and genres he uses, or not. The artist’s efforts of late has been spanning life-times of personalities and we sometimes are very much surprise at why more people don’t know his name. A complete composer of songs, his ability to adapt to direction is uncanny. ‘My Love Belongs To Everyone’ is a scary example of the fabulous executive chef-like skills in wave after wave of musical arts. Karl Tore Jakob Stenseke is the project Karl Jakob, and he is a music producer and philosopher born in Sweden. Between 2009-2012 he played guitar and saxophone in the grammy nominated band Zekes. In 2012 he released his first self-produced indie pop album as The Key Key. He has also released two LPs and one EP with psychedelic/electronic indie-pop duo Feelium.

Scott Kirby – Cool Water

Blues is done right with SCOTT KIRBY. ‘Cool Water’ is one of those works of goodness. It embraces you as guitar driven blues only can. Life and people, silhouetted by the stories of gray in between, makes indelible appearances in Scott’s singles. The gritty vocals, take you in a dance of authenticity. With the solos of guitar prominence activating your pleasure points, ‘Cool Water’ is a place you’d want to be. Kirby explains, “I believe in living a life of gratitude for the blessings given to us, and the lessons we are extended.”

Liquid Time – Heads Heart

Liquid Time is a psyched-out surf-rock group who create mind-warping music that still ticks all the boxes for those with pop sensibilities. Born and raised on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, their personal histories are reflected in their sound. The revelry presented in ‘Heads Heart’ is a beautiful example of demonstrating the unique artifacts of Liquid Time’s virtuoso entertainment blend. The heart clings with beauty and grace when this single sings and sings. The dreamy 70’s vibes at chords unexpected, plays with your thoughts and you smile with unadulterated joy. You’re home in ‘Heads Heart’. See then next @ SLYFOX, Sydney on October 5th.

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