Creep Show – Pink Squirrel

John Grant and Wrangler (Stephen Mallinder, Phil Winter, and Benge) joined forces and are ready to explode the music they’ve manufactured to the masses.

It’s a debut album packed with experimental pop and surreal funk. Simple as that.

And ‘Pink Squirrel’ is the senate representative for that endeavor.

Which we love.

As well as from other reviewers, as you’d assume.

Yea, we were on board right away. Mix synth and funk… oh boy, we’re in.

Bella Union
Creep Show brings together John Grant with the dark analogue electro of Wrangler (Stephen Mallinder / Phil Winter / Benge) to create Mr Dynamite – a debut album packed with experimental pop and surreal funk. Mr Dynamite will be released 16th March via Bella Union and is available to pre-order here. Creep Show have shared a first track from the LP entitled “Pink Squirrel”

Creep Show is much more than the sum of its parts. It’s almost as if the four band members and their machinery were possessed by another force: “Mr Dynamite is real,” states Mallinder. “It’s disturbing, he blows shit up.”

And it’s a spirit that wants to dance. For every weird, esoteric mood and texture explored there’s always a beat and a fresh sense of adventure, whether through the Space Invader electro of ‘Tokyo Metro’, squelchy synth-funk of ‘Modern Parenting’, the warped, experimental arc of ‘Endangered Species’ or ‘Lime Ricky’s ferocious breakbeat workout. On ‘K Mart Johnny’ ripped-up, distorted sounds and sinister voices accumulate on the cold electronics like flies on neon, but the rhythms and synth stabs still propel it forward, in this case into a bizarre story of childhood name-calling and revenge centred around a yellow-spotted toy dinosaur.

Brooklyn Vegan
Creep Show, and a debut album, Mr Dynamite, due out March 16, 2018 via Bella Union. Mallinder says the idea for the group, “sprang fully formed a couple of years ago but in truth had been bubbling away for decades in a petri dish containing spores of seventies sci-fi, post–punk electronic music, bad taste, broken synthesizers, luscious film soundtracks, and dubious band t-shirts.” The first single is blippy electro-funk number “Pink Squirrel” and you can stream that, and check out album art and track-list, below.

The four piece features two producers and two singers, with John Grant and former Cabaret Voltaire frontman Stephen Mallinder sharing the microphone.
Phil Winter and Benge battle the machines, with Creep Show releasing their debut album ‘Mr Dynamite’ on March 16th through Bella Union.
John Grant comments: “I do like theatre of the absurd and some of it is that, but most of it is just having fun. We did a lot of laughing and just had a blast doing it.”
New track ‘Pink Squirrel’ is online now, with the woozy analogue synths sitting against an incredibly infectious melody.

The Cornwall-recorded album’s sense of adventure is also part of the interplay between the two vocalists, John Grant and former Cabaret Voltaire frontman Stephen Mallinder, who switch between oblique wordplay to sinister humour as Phil Winter and Benge man-handle the machines.

‘Mr Dynamite’ will drop March 16, 2018.

Album Tracklist:

  • Mr Dynamite
  • Modern Parenting
  • Tokyo Metro
  • Endangered Species
  • K Mart Johnny
  • Pink Squirrel
  • Lime Ricky
  • Fall
  • Safe and Sound


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